Joydom Yoga

Joydom Yoga is a combination of Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga. It focuses on a series of intuitive asanas geared toward awakening our Kundalini energy. We will use breathwork and yogic postures that  help to increase the energy flow and stimulate the chakras that lie at the center of each of us. Through meditative practice we can harness this very powerful energy and begin to discover our true selves from a higher nature. It is my desire to guide others toward a life of better health and wellness, one that is filled with joy and delight, and a sense of fullness we were created to explore. Joydom Yoga offers group instruction and private installations. Challenge your ability to truly live from the overflow.


Sacral Dance

Realign the chakras by releasing stagnant energy through Sacral Movement and Dance. Sacral Movements inspire free flowing  creativity, sexuality and passion. These movements also help to cleanse the body of old toxins and impurities and promotes the flow of energy toward the pelvic region. This is where the Sacral Chakra lies. Sacral Healing is specifically designed with the feminine energy in mind. The sacral chakra is often a place of long held blockages for many. Releasing these blockages and stimulating energy in this region invites a higher sense of wellness, confidence and empowerment. Schedule a group experience you won't soon forget.

Joydom Meditation Workshops

Reiki Massage

Reiki is a Japanese technique used for promoting relaxation and healing. The meaning is taken from the terms “rei” and ”ki” or “Chi” meaning “Universal Energy“. Reiki is administered through the ”laying on hands“ method. This method is incredibly useful for clearing the aura field, balancing the energy centers and healing the overall body. Reiki massage will leave you feeling more relaxed and with a better sense of calm and clarity. Book your session now and begin your journey toward the higher self. 

Who Is Joy?


Joy Freedom is a certified Yoga Instructor 200RYT, Usui Reiki Master and Sacral Healer. She originally began her career working in behavioral health and substance abuse and has now been helping those struggling with emotional and dependency issues, trauma and other health concerns for over ten years. 

Joy is an advocate for the empowerment of all. She believes in the ability to find balance within the self through connection to higher consciousness and sacred feminine power. “As a trauma survivor, I have learned to work with natural medicine and alternative healing methods that empower and inspire change through spiritual growth.”

Joy is also the sole creator of Joydom Essentials and Sacral Dance Therapy.

Joydom Essentials


Joydom Essentials are handcrafted organic bath and body products created  for wellness with love and attention to detail. Using Aromatherapy as a pathway toward better health and wellness is an essential part of self care. So we make sure that all of our products are made to order and mixed in small batches. We pride ourselves in using only the finest ingredients, and highest quality essential oils.

 Joydom offers bath soaps, body creams, bath salts, body scrubs, and massage oils. We also carry aromatic sprays, candles, and essential oils. Product availability may vary. 


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Now Serving The Pennsylvania Area!

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Now Serving The Pennsylvania Area!

Joydom Healing Arts is currently located in the Pennsylvania area. Private Sessions and workshops will be available for scheduling. Contact Us for availability.

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